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2 Best Located Bars Take Over



Soi 6 Bar + 12 rooms Take Over

Bar inside Soi 6

Up and running open

High ROI

Save POS excerpt available!

Double Bar & 12 Rooms

4 ST Room & 8 Thai Style Rooms

2 units 4 floors

Working very well for about 6 years

6.3m THB Take over

Rent 100k per month

Key money 800,000Thb for 3 years

Deposit 330,000 Thb

Move in: 6.3+100k+800k+330k=7.53m THB

download (1).jpg

LK Metro Bar take over

In busiest soi in Pattaya

LK Metro 1 unit 4 floor

Fully refurbished

Busy bar in the best location in Pattaya

Fully equipped kitchen

Upstairs 2 small and 2 medium-sized rooms

Has roof terrace, ready for a bar with toilet

Take Over 5m THB

Rent 75,000 Thb

Deposit 225,000Thb refundable

Move in today 5m+75k+225k=5.3m THB

No pictures, names or exact location will be given, potential bar buyers need to have the money ready to pay, we only serve people who are the decision makers and are at present time in Pattaya. Appointments need to be made at least 1 day upfront. Al of this is needed for discretion towards staff and clients.

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