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German Food Processing Factory at Rayong Thailand for Sale!!

Founded: January 6th, 2006, moved to own property from December 2012

Delivery all over Thailand / Super Markets/ Mini markets/ Hotels / Restaurants/ Privates customers

Online shop also available. 

Land is completely filled with the factory

Land size: 177.5 tarang wa = 710m², 

Width: 22.70 m, length: 31.30m

Upper floor: Entrance, foyer, work office, meeting office / executive office, storage room for all packaging material (labeling, packaging ...), staff rooms, lounge, toilets for guests and staff separately, work clothes washroom

Ground floor: hygiene entrance, spice department, smoking machine station, production room, laundry room, meat processing room, delivery zone, 2 cooling houses + 1 ripening room, packaging department, freezer room

Storage rooms in the rear part of the factory are used to supply basic elements (water supply including water treatment, gas connection, air conditioning, smoking equipment), as well as to store spare devices / machines.

The storage room in the front part of the factory contains a fully equipped workshop with a lifting platform. This part is separated from the food factory by a passage. 

But hear has the capacity to expand the production line, for example for an additional packaging room or additional cold stores.

The entire ground floor can be used barrier-free at ground level. There are no steps between the individual rooms. All doors are at ground level.

Workers: 15

Asking Price: 69 ML.THB (USD. 2,090,909) Exchange rate 33 THB @ 1 USD.

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