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Important message: This hotel is for sale but only under the condition that the new owner accept the present renters who have rented it for a period of 9 years on contract. The new owner can buy it, not run it but will get instead a passive income. We only can provide details about this passive income showing proof of funds and meet the owner in person.

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Income for the new owner:
Key money :3 million baht
Year 1.  Monthly 350.000 
Year 2.                   375.000
Year 3.                   425.000
After 3 years……
Key money :2.200.000 baht
Year 4  Monthly  450.000
Year 5.                   500.000
Year 6.                   525.000
After 6 years ……
Key money : 2.420.000 baht
Year  7.  Monthly. 551.250
Year. 8.                   578.812
Year. 9.                   607.756

Detailed location, more pictures, and hotel name will not be published to secure discretion towards owners, staff, and clients.

​To get full information we demand first:

Full identification of the real estate agent if there is an agent involved.

​Full identification from the potential buyer (Soft profile is needed)

1 Proof of funds

2 LOI agreement (letter of intent)

3 NDNC agreement (Non-disclosure Non-circumvention contract)

We can provide these documents as also commission agreements if needed.

After received these documents, arrangements will be made to view the property and meet the owner in person.

Please contact the person who provides you this website to go for the next step.

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