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This listing is exclusive, the owner not want to be contacted regarding the sale, contact the person via the contact form below, co-agents and people with potential buyer welcome for full commission when sold. 

This erotic themed boutique hotel has 2 private pools

1 Outdoor Splash Pool with Jacuzzi and private garden


1 Indoor Spa Pool for private adult party times


58 dim lightened exciting colorful theme rooms to adult dreams with
erotic lifestyle themes, ceiling mirrors, dance pole…
ready to party in all privacy!!!

Poster The Penthouse Hotel Pattaya .jpg

Total land plot is 262.5 Sqw or 1.050 Sqm

The Penthouse Hotel Pattaya is given exclusivitly to one specific agency and lawfirm but every agent is welcom as co-broker with a full commision offer when sold.
Please send us first a small message to get the contact going. You can call khun M on the number 08000 18 20 9 or email
or send a small message via line >>>> 

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For a walk through video click here.jpg
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